An auto-responder email is a an email that is sent from your email address as the reply to every e-mail that you receive. The message is predefined and is sent automatically, so each individual that contacts you via e-mail will receive it the instant their message is received on the server that manages your emails. This function is used when you have to inform individuals about different things, for example being out of the office for a given period of time or that an purchase is received and is being prepared. The auto-responder email in addition operates as a confirmation for anyone who make contact with you their email has been received, even if you are unable to read it and get back to them immediately. It can contain just about any text of your preference and also it may be edited based on the precise occasion.

Auto-responder Emails in Hosting

When you host your domains in a hosting account through us, you'll be able to create an auto-responder e-mail for any of the email addresses that you make from the account. You'll be able to see all of the mailboxes shown alphabetically in your Hepsia Control Panel and all it takes to enable the feature is to click the auto-responder icon for any email address or to right-click on that mailbox and to choose the feature from a context menu. A box will show up on the screen and you just have to type in the needed message and save it, so creating an auto-responder takes literally just two mouse clicks. In the exact same way you'll be able to also delete or update an existing message. Hepsia makes it easy even to configure an auto-responder for several mailboxes at once, that can save you precious time if multiple people are using emails you have created to take time off, for example.

Auto-responder Emails in Semi-dedicated Servers

You'll be able to activate the auto-responder function for any of your emails should you use a semi-dedicated server package with us. Our custom-made Hepsia Control Panel, used to handle the web hosting plans, is extremely intuitive and simple to use, so adding an auto-responder will take you only a couple of clicks - all it takes for doing that is to navigate to the Emails area, click the auto-responder icon for a given email address, type the message that you want to be sent by our servers to people who get in touch with you by means of e-mail and save the change. In the very same way you're able to also modify the text or entirely remove it if an automatic reply is not required. Hepsia furthermore helps you to set an auto-responder for different email addresses all at once.