Inside the BYOHOST Web Control Panel, you’ll find an array of Advanced Resources. They’re developed for cloud hosting clients who’re familiar with handling their hosting setting. Still, on account of the intuitive user interface of the Web Control Panel, they are rather easy to handle, even for novices. Additionally, we have integrated an array of lengthy how–to courses that will help unskilled users easily find out how to make use of the software tools!

Hotlink Protection

Secure yourself against traffic theft

When you come up with genuine content for your personal site, you should secure it from people who wish to use it without your permission. Because of this, we have developed a particular protective software instrument in the BYOHOST Web Control Panel. BYOHOST’s Hotlink Protection tool is created to shield all pics at your web site from being used in different publications without having your consent.

The tool is absolutely well–designed, without any configuration needed in the least. All you need to do is just choose which domain name to defend and switch on the service.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automated creation of .htaccess files

By using the .htaccess file, it’s easy to manage your website – set up redirections, set up password shielded directories, and much more. Through the BYOHOST Web Control Panel, you can quickly make completely new .htaccess files by making use of our powerful .htaccess Generator.

You don’t have to know a single thing regarding .htaccess files so as to use BYOHOST’s .htaccess Generator. Just define the modifications you need to generate employing the tool’s straightforward user interface and it is going to instantly generate the necessary code for you.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Block malicious IP addresses from accessing your website

Within the BYOHOST Web Control Panel we have incorporated a particularly valuable tool that allows you to restrict the ability to access your web sites by blocking unique IP addresses. With the IP blocking tool, it’s possible to put a stop to an IP address or, possibly a full array of IPs from interacting with your site. To find out which IP addresses generate the ’undesirable’ website traffic to your web site, you can check out the Stats Manager.

All of the IP addresses are blacklisted immediately and no–one will have a way to look at or access your web site from them any more.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Change the PHP rules for your personal website

The BYOHOST Web Control Panel presents the choice to immediately customize the PHP build for use on your web hosting account. You are able to make a choice from various earlier PHP versions to the latest stable PHP release. We’ve built an easy–to–work–with interface that permits you to modify the PHP version as many times as you would like to. And the build you’ll have chosen will be applied quickly.

Regardless of what PHP release you select, you will have control within the php.ini file – the PHP settings file for your website hosting account. You can quickly modify numerous common options, revise the total php.ini file or speedily revert all modifications and also set things back to their standard state.

PHP Configuration

Cron Jobs

Develop automated scheduled jobs

In the BYOHOST Web Control Panel, we’ve designed a hassle–free and easy–to–use interface for establishing brand new as well as controlling established cron jobs – the Cronjob Manager. A cron job is really an appointed job – usually a script, that is executed at pre–set intervals of time. It may be a simple script for checking if your website is on the Internet, a mailing script, a website effectiveness record, etc.

It is possible to configure and use cron jobs with all of the cloud hosting offers. In the event you require additional cron jobs, you can always get extra as an upgrade.

Cron jobs

Password Protection

Easy way to protect all your files

While using the BYOHOST Web Control Panel, it’s easy to promptly guard each and every directory in your web site, due to our Password Protection instrument. All you should do is pick up the directory you need to safeguard and select a login name along with a security password that only you will be aware of. Your folder and all of its contents are going to be secured instantaneously.

The security password you have specified can be kept in an encrypted fashion. No one can check it out and you’ll be capable of switch it whenever you want.

Password Protection

URL redirection

URL re–direction with merely a couple of mouse–clicks

In the BYOHOST Web Control Panel, it is easier to rapidly reroute your domain to a new spot by way of our URL Redirection instrument. It is extremely easy to use – all that you should actually do is state where your website should be pointing to. No need for any kind of .htaccess files, PHP redirections whatsoever, DNS configurations, and the like to be made. Your web site will be redirected towards the new area straight away.

You are able to cancel the website re–direction at any moment. Everything you need to complete is navigate to the URL Redirection instrument and turn off the domain name re–direction. After that your site will quickly begin going towards the initial location.

URL Redirection